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Rethink Robotics has been founded by Rodney Brooks. It has designed the Baxter collaborative robot. Baxter is a cost-effective and easily adoptable alternative to off-shoring. Rethink Robotics'mission is to make robotics more accessible, usable and practical than they’ve ever been before.


The research and education version of the famous robot Baxter, created by Rodney Brooks is an ideal base for many projects such as computer science, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, control, recognition and manipulation of objects, learning...

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The electric gripper consists of a high performance adjustable pliers specially designed for Baxter and Sawyer collaborative robots. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

The pedestal for the Baxter and Sawyer robots keeps it at a defined height and also allows moving them easily.

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Rethink Robotics has equipped its Sawyer robot with ROS SDK, thus bringing a high performance platform to researchers and educators. Contact us today to order Sayer for Research and Education.

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This package is an extension for the new vacuum gripper for the robot Baxter. This Vacuum array gripper pack for Baxter extends the number of available points of contact on a single robot hand in order to manipulate multiple objects at once.

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Vacuum Cup gripper for the robot Baxter that works by suction DISCONTINUATED ARTICLE

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Basic Mechanical Elements to create your own pneumatic gripper for the Baxter robot.

The new vacuum gripper for Baxter and Sawyer robots from Rethink Robotics