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Robot kits for elementary school

Robot kits for elementary school

These robot kits are designed for the youngsters and conceived to be integrated into the elementary school curriculum. An introduction to robotics can teach a lot to children, who will learn to work on a project as a team, grow their creative mind and master new technologies. They’re great to discover the field of robotics, at school or at home!

Learning with fun

Logic STEM


Programming gives children logical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way. Logic games even without a computer (for example, with the Bee-Bot robot or Cubetto) can teach children the kind of thinking they need for programming.

creativity for kids


Programming means expressiveness, creativity and practical application. Most children are familiar with computers as devices for digital games and photos. On the other hand, programming means being creative yourself. Those who program, implement their own ideas and develop something new.

coding for kids


Educational robots aim to playfully introduce robotics and programming and to facilitate the understanding of technical relationships (STEM). By using robots, children can understand the relationships between the screen and their little robot more easily.

Coding for kids

The little Dash robot was developed by the startup Make Wonder ("Awakens curiosity or fascination"). With its cute design, the three-footed Dash robot offers children from 5 to 12 - and older - a unique fun tool to get started with programming and robotics.

What our customers say

  • My impression is very positive. High quality plastic, strong magnets, robust, works straight out of the box. (Cubelets Six kit)

    Georgy B.

  • The Thymio robot is a great educational robot for my students! (Thymio Challenge Pack)

    Frank E.

  • The Lego Mindstorms kits are perfect as an introduction to robotics. Creative, robust, battery life and engines,... the possibilities are (almost) unlimited. (Lego Mindstorms Education)

    Eric H.

See our products

  • Dash and Dot

    The Dash and Dot and Cue educational robots by Wonder Workshop are the ideal companions for learning robotics. Educational, creative and simple: these are the three words that will best describe your experience with the Dash programmable robot and its range of accessories.
    More than just robots, they are teachi…

  • Bee-Bot

    With its cute little honeybee face, the Bee-Bot is a programmable educational robot and excellent teaching aid for pupils from nursery through to primary school.

  • Cubetto

    Cubetto is an educational wooden robot intended for very young children (from 3 years). This educational robot, approved by the Montessori method and inspired by the LOGO tortoise, is programmed without a screen! The child will have to organise blocks of wood to direct this friendly robot and build its first programs!

  • Cubelets

    Cubelets consist of magnetic cubes to create machines and robots without programming and without soldering. The robot's behavior depends on how you assembled the Cubelets together. The Cubelets are a conceptual vision of robotics where the structural design of the robot determines its behavior. The Cubelets are idea…

  • Ozobot

    Here a unique little bot! Ozobot's Bit was designed to follow a line and modify its behaviour when encountering specific colours on the line (if you draw on the line the following colour code: green-black-red, you will see the robot suddenly turning left). Ozobot Bit can also be progammed with OzoBlockly, a colourful block editor with 5 levels …

  • Thymio 2

    Learning programming has never been easier, nor funnier! With its colourful user interface designed for the youngsters, the Thymio II mobile robot is a very popular choice when it comes to discover robot programming.
    With its simple design and its bright leds, this mall interactive wheel base includes embedded …

  • Robotis Dream

    ROBOTIS DREAM was created to introduce children gradually to robotics. The DREAM kits are available in several levels.
    ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 is an entry level robotics kit optimized for learning and teaching robotics. ROBOTIS DREAM Level 2 teaches you the basics of how a robot moves, which includes the usage of…