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List of products by brand Wonder Workshop Inc.

The learning robots Dash & Dot for children are ideal playmates for learning robotics. Educational, creative and simple!

Make using your Dash robot even more fun and rewarding with this set of 24 challenge cards!


The Cue robot is the baby brother of Dash, the mobile educational robot by Make Wonder. Although younger, he’s technologically more advanced, so designed for your slightly older apprentice robotics engineer!

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You have Dash, you’ve got Dot, and you’ve downloaded all the apps to get them up and running? Now try their range of accessories to add some spice to your budding robotics engineer’s activities! DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

You can use the Dash & Dot packs to customise your programmable robots designed by Make Wonder. Take for example the Builder Pack, which provides new accessories for your 2 robots!


Want to make using your Dash robot even more fun and rewarding? Give it a little company by ordering the Dash & Dot Pack, including one Make Wonder programmable tripod robot plus its little friend, Dot!

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Looking for a new educational tool for teaching robotics and programming to your younger students? Interested in developing your child’s curiosity of new technologies? The Dash Robot by Make Wonder is just what you’ve been looking for!

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Discover Dash, an educational robot with the cutest design! You can program it with an iPad. We added two of our favourite accessories to this pack: the launcher and the smartphone mount!

The Dot Educational Robot may be the younger brother of Dash, but he’s certainly not the least clever of the two!

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Ready, aim, launch! Discover the joys of catapulting with the Dash & Dot Launcher! This accessory proves as fun as it is useful to learn new skills with your Dash robot by Make Wonder.

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The Dash robot by Make Wonder can also be an accomplished musician thanks to the Music Pack – simply use the Xylo app to program your robot, then sit back and listen!

The smartphone mount for Dash robot is a fun accessory that will allow Dash to film its adventures! Or to be turned into a telepresenece robot.. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.


The Wonder Pack is quite simply the most comprehensive pack for using all the fun features of the Dash & Dot programmable robots by Make Wonder. Program, play, invent, improve and customise your robots ad infinitum, or almost!

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Dash knows how to roll, avoid obstacles and pick up objects, it can draw and communicate – and it also knows how to play the xylophone, provided of course it’s equipped with its favourite instrument!