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Discover Dagoma's 3D printers: user-friendly, "made in France" and cheap (less than 300€)!

Dagoma is a French startup that deisgn, build and sell 3D printers, filament and different accessories. Its founders met in Shanghai and since then, put a lot of efforts to further democratize 3D printing technology. They came up with the Discovery200 in January 2015, a user-friendly, "made in France" 3D printer, that will only cost consumers 299€.

A comprehensive Guide to learn all 3D printing techniques in only 21 days.

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Put a stop to dull, muddy brown creations! Give your 3D prints a cheerful look with these bright 1.75 mm Chromatik PLA filaments!

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Stick the 3M BlueTape 2090 Pro adhesive tape to your print tray. It will allow your plastic to adhere when printing.

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Treat your 3D printer with different filament!

Do you own an affordable yet high performance 3D printer from Dagoma? Do not forget to invest in a box to protect your loved ones and preserve your creations.


Ideal for individual use, the DiscoEasy200 3D printer by Dagoma makes it easy to print quality objects for all enthusiastic creators, and it’s great value for money. You just need to adjust a few settings and you’re ready to print in 3D!


Ideal for both individual use and as an educational tool, the DiscoEasy200 3D printer has made a name for itself as a reference in 3D printing in France. So why not check out this model, which is one you assemble yourself to get a better understanding of how a 3D printer works! DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

The DiscoEasy200 Monitor is the ideal accessory for the 3D printer of the same name; you’ll quickly find you it indispensable for carrying out all your checks before and during 3D printing.

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With this fire-engine red PLA plastic filament, you can be sure that your 3D prints won’t go unnoticed.


100% eco-friendly and available in an elegant matte black colour, this spool of 1.75 mm Filo3D PLA filament has everything you’ll need.


The NEVA Magis 3D Printer is both efficient and child’s play to use. Ideal for beginners, for experienced creators and for all uses!

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Biodegradable PLA, a material which is specifically adapted to 3D-printing, and an original, modern colour: this is the recipe for success of the silver 1.75 mm Octofiber PLA filaments, the perfect fit for your 3D DiscoEasy200 printer!

The DiscoEasy200 3D printer by Dagoma is designed especially for PLA plastic filaments. Not sure where to get them? Look no further! DISCONTINUED