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This 5V USB to 9V jack power cable ideal for your Marty robot, but it can be used anywhere a 9V source is needed.

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The Command Hub Plus will open a Wifi Hotspot and run a Scratch 3 server allowing you to simply program your Marty. Useful if you do not have a reliable Wifi connection or Internet access.

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The Marty humanoid educational robot is ideal for organising original robotics workshops from primary school age. Our Complete Marty + Raspberry Pack will prove a resounding success in all secondary school classrooms!

LiPo battery used to supply power to Marty the Robot.

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The Marty Camera Kit consists of a Raspberry Pi camera module and its 3D-printed mount.

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We are proud to present Marty, a cute little humanoid robot with a friendly face designed to teach the basics of programming while having fun, or simply bring some cheer to anyone working in an austere research lab!

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The Marty Robot Distance Sensor Pack includes a proximity and distance sensor module and mount allowing you to assemble it quickly and easily on your educational robot.


Does your Marty robot enjoy travelling to places where there isn’t always WiFi access? This Marty WiFi Hotspot, created in collaboration with Raspberry Pi, will overcome all your communication problems.

Owners of the Marty robotics kit will already be familiar with the Rick Control Board, which comes with each educational robot. Here we offer you the possibility to buy the microcontroller alone, for some new applications!

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