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All products whose manufacturing has been stopped, or that have become deprecated and were replaced by newer products.


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Do you need to transport bulky equipment from one place to another, with the confidence that the load will arrive intact? Then call PatrolBot, your faithful courier: this mobile robotised platform, fully customisable, can carry loads up to 40 kg, avoiding obstacles along the way with disconcerting ease.

GuiaBot is a robot from the Adept MobileRobots’ range of mobile research robots (just like PeopleBot) designed for HRI (human-robot interaction) research projects. GuiaBot is based on the sturdy PatrolBot robotics platform and is able to carry heavier payloads.

The Dash robot by Make Wonder can also be an accomplished musician thanks to the Music Pack – simply use the Xylo app to program your robot, then sit back and listen!

DARwIn-Op is a programmable humanoid robot having advanced processing capacities, a set of sophisticated sensors and high quality Dynamixel motors. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

Change the filter in your vacuum cleaner robot Neato XV-15 in order to maintain its power and effectiveness.

Equipped with the famous SC16IS750 circuit, the BOB-09981 interface allows you to convert an I2C or SPI signal into a single high-performance UART serial signal.

Ensure efficient and secure storage of your Lego Mindstorms kits through this mobile cabinet that has been specifically designed for Lego Mindstorms kits.

Ready to play soccer ? Be prepared to have fun with your robot soccer

This bundle is the essential introduction to robotic with the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot : 1 NXT kit + 1 book (in french) about NXT-G programming

NXT Touch Sensor Multiplexer from Hitechnic

Digital display for Pob robots


Mechanical base with two tracks for POB robots


Tilt sensor from Pob with a 2 axis sensitivity






Using this initiation kit, you'll have everything you need to quickly get started in the world of electronics for robotics with Arduino

Perform the classical challenges of personnal robotics: line tracking and orientation

Lego Bundle for programmers