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The Robosense RS-Cube is a perception algorithms unit for 3D laser rangefinders. Its task is to collect and analyze the data transmitted by your Robosense RS-Lidar-16 and RS-Lidar-32 rangefinders.

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RS-Fusion-P3 from Robosense is a complete and advanced obstacle detection system. It integrates 2 sets of 16 beam LiDAR and 1 set of 32 beam LiDAR to develop your autonomous driving system.

For researchers and teachers looking for an even more advanced solution than the RS-Fusion-P3 system, there is the RS-Fusion-P5 from Robosense. The very high-definition combination of one LIDAR RS-RUBY and four LIDAR RS-BPearl, to combine long and short-range detection.

The RoboSense RS-Bpearl 3D laser range finder offers an extended field of view and effective blind spot detection for equipping robots and automated equipment without breaking the bank.

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Extremely accurate and offering a high data rate, this RoboSense 16 Beam 3D Laser Range Finder is one of the most powerful LiDARs on the market. RS-LiDAR-16 is ROS compatible.

A bigger field of view, particularly effective data acquisition and processing, a formidable accuracy even at a distance of 200 metres... this RoboSense 32 Beam 3D Laser Range Finder is a high-performance navigation tool. The RS-LiDAR-32 is ROS compatible.

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The RS-Lidar-M1 Laser Rangefinder is a high resolution sensor designed for equipping vehicles with autonomous navigation systems. It facilitates decision making by detecting, analyzing and classifying possible obstacles.

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If you’re in need of a 3D laser range finder that’s highly reliable but more affordable than RoboSense’s flagship products, look no further. RS-Ruby has introduced a mid-range model, the RS-Ruby Lite, which will fully satisfy developers of solutions for unmanned vehicles.

The future of autonomous vehicles is shaping up with Robosense's RS-Ruby 3D laser Rangefinder, a Lidar with impressive performance and effecient in all weathers.