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List of products by brand Luos

This 20 cm cable enables you to connect your Luos boards to your robot prototyping project.

Connect your DC motor with a reduction gear and a rotation sensor to your modular robotics system and control it with this Luos robot prototyping board.

With the Luos DC motor board, you can connect up to 2 low-power (5-12V) DC motors and develop your mobile modular robotics project.

The Distance board is a robot prototyping module designed for the Luos system. Thanks to the embedded laser range finder, your creation is able to assess its environment more accurately.

p>This 2nd version of the Dynamixel board for the Luos robot prototyping system enables you to connect any Dynamixel servos.

The Luos IMU board allows you to collect comprehensive data for your Luos modular robotics project: movement, rotation, acceleration, heading, and so on.

The Luos Power Pi board can be used to connect a Raspberry Pi or Odroid programming board to your Luos modular robotics system. This way, you can program your robot prototyping project via Raspberry Pi, but using the Pyluos language.

The Power plug board allows you to power supply your Luos robot prototyping system at 5 to 24 VDC according to your needs.

The Luos USB board allows you to connect your modular robotics system to your computer using a micro-USB cable.

Luos boards enable you to implement a robot prototyping system that’s modular at will. The XT60 battery board acts as your project’s power module.