Intel Edison Kits

Developers have now great potential available with the mighty Intel Edison platform thanks to its 500 Mhz dual-core Intel Atom Silvermont processor, 100 Mhz Quark micro-controler and Yocto Linux OS.

If you’re familiar with Arduino, getting started with the Intel Edison computer will be easier since you can use the Arduino IDE. The compatibility with Arduino system is even greater: numerous GPIO’s of the Intel Edison are compatible with Arduino sensors and modules.

These kits are ideal since the Intel Edison features WiFi dual-band and Bluetooth Low Energy modules or a larger home automation system. They’re available in different sizes so you can find the one that fits your need whether you want to start an embedded system or a large home automation system. The opportunity for rapid prototyping with these kits will speed up your projects, reduce costs and allow you for testing multiple combinations.

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