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The mobile robot Thymio II is a small interactive wheel base for education at an affordable price.

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The Turtlebot3 Burger is a mobile robotics educational platform that’s lightweight, compact, cost-effective and customisable at will. It’s the perfect solution for all those looking for a fun medium to use in their robotics programming workshops, but also for apprentice robotics engineers, and for creators and designers.

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Let we present you one of the craziest robotics kits we encountered: the MaKey MaKey Kit! This brilliant system will enable you to transform anything (and we really mean anything) into a keyboard key that will be that will be identified as such by a computer.

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With the Ozobot Starter Pack, you’ll discover all the fun things your Ozobot Bit 2.0 educational robot can do. Customise its appearance and create new playing fields.

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Discover our favourite educational robot! Ozobot Evo is a small mobile robot capable of recognising colours, following lines, avoiding obstacles... And turning you into a programming addict!

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The mBot v1.1 Bluetooth Robot (blue) is the newest version of the mBot educational robot. It comes with all its accessories and a host of fun features.

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Looking for an efficient actuator in TTL mode? Discover the Dynamixel XM430-W350-T servo, a model of its kind in terms of performance and control!

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With its impressive graphics architecture, powerful processor and multitude of hardware connections (audio, video, Ethernet, etc.), the NVIDIA Nano Development Kit is an affordable and feature-rich AI development solution for researchers, students and top-notch DIY enthusiasts.

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