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Discover the Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servo, offering versatility, full control, a high transmission rate and a TTL interface.

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The RPLIDAR A2 is the new-generation 360° laser scanner developed by Slamtec for amateur mobile-robot designers. More affordable than the similar products offered by its competitors, it guarantees you a robot having more than satisfactory precision of movement.

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Teachers of secondary school pupils sometimes have difficulties finding good methods for sparking interest in subjects. Because we’re living in a digital age, this Alpha Mini humanoid educational robot is the perfect solution to this problem. He can help you teach many subjects in an original way while also giving pupils a chance to try their hand at programming.


Powerful and ultra-fast, the new OpenCL-compatible Odroid XU4 board offers a storage system and a simply stunning Ethernet connection!

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Kobuki is a mobile robot well-known to TurtleBot 2 enthusiasts. He can also enter many ROS projects on its own.


Meet LIMO, a mobile robot designed around the AgileX mobile platform. This scalable robotic structure is dedicated to AI development. Thanks to its ROS and Gazebo compatibility, you can transform a simple off-road platform into a 100% autonomous explorer and mapping robot!