SLAMTEC mobile bases

SLAMTEC is a robotics company specialised in innovative solutions in mapping, localisation and navigation. The RPLIDAR, along with the solution SLAM, have both been developed by SLAMTEC. Ths SDP and SDP Mini mobile robots will suit users that want to work on SLAMWARE solutions.

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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for locating, mapping and navigating your mobile robot? Slamtec has thought of everything with the SDP mobile base: hardware, software, connectivity, it’s all there!

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The mobile base Apollo by SLAMTEC is a middle-sized robotic base. It’s a performing and strong development platform (ultrasonic sensors, PRLidar, depth camera) and it can take a load of up to 35 kg! Developers have access to SDK SLAMWARE allowing them to develop third-party applications (including iOS and Android) and to have access to the data collected by the sensors of the robot Apollo.

Delivery within 5-6 weeks