Classroom Pneumatics Kit for Vex Robotics

Vex Robotics | A-000000-00018
Discover another form of energy in your robotic projects
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This pneumatic kit for Vex Robotics robots allows you to discover a new form of energy for your robotics constructions.

To perform their function, pneumatic cylinders impart a force by converting the potential energy of compressed gas into kinetic energy. This is achieved by the compressed gas being able to expand, without external energy input, which itself occurs due to the pressure gradient established by the compressed gas being at a greater pressure than the atmospheric pressure. This air expansion forces the piston to move in the desired direction.

The pneumatic cylinders have 2 states. The Single Acting cylinder uses air to push in one of the states and a spring for return in the second state. The Double Acting cylinder uses air in both states push and return. You can connect the 3 pin connector of the Solenoid Driver to any of the ANALOG/DIGITAL Ports on the VEX Controller. The Black wire should be closest to the outside edge of the VEX Controller. Likewise, the White wire should be closest to the Keyed Slot even though there is no key tab on the Solenoid Driver Cable. You can control the two states of the pneumatics by controlling the two states of a Digital Output. By sending a High (1) or Low (0) to the defined Digital Output that you have the Solenoid Driver connected to, you will be controlling the corresponding pneumatic cylinder. To change the state of a Digital Output of the VEX Controller, you must have a Programming Kit.

You must use an external pump (standard tire fitting) to pressurize the pneumatic system before use.

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