Boe-Bot Refresher Pack

Boe-Bot Refresher Pack

Boe-Bot Refresher Pack
Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00032
End of life product
Set of electronic parts that ships with brand new Boe-Bot Robot kits. This pack is compatible with SumoBot robot.

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Size Chart
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This set of electronic components is the same as the one which is included in the Boe-Bot USB or Boe-Bot Bluetooth kit.

This pack is also compatible with the SumoBot robot

This set includes all the electronic component that are necessary to acheive the activities described into the Boe-Bot workbook.

Pack contents (not exhaustive):

  • Resistor
  • capacitor
  • Wires
  • led
  • piezospeaker
  • photoresistor


    The Parallax electronic components are ROHS compliant
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