Crawler Kit for Boe-Bot Robot

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Forget the wheel and introduce yourself to the programming of movements of a hexapod using this kit for Boe-Bot robot . Necessarily more complex but adapting to a more difficult environment, is walking hexapod your next challenge?

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This crawler kit for Boe-Bot robot replaces the wheels on the standard robot (instead of wheels) turning the robot into a hexapod robot.

Programming the mouvements of a robots using feet instead of wheels is more complex but this is a very common and interesting challenge to overcome. Such a robot is able to cross obstacles that a robot with wheels could not pass easily.
Crawler Kit pour Boe-BotThe kit contains 90 aluminium and plastic parts. These parts fit on the aluminum frame of your Boe-Bot robot and use servos provided in the Boe-Bot kit.

The Crawler Kit is designed specifically as an accessory for the Boe-Bot Robot (sold separately).

Download the PDF documentation of the Boe-Bot crawler kit:

PDF documentation of the Boe-Bot crawler kit PDF documentation of the Boe-Bot crawler kit

The Boe-Bot crawler kit is ROHS compliant

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