XBee SIP Adapter

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00038

SIP Adapter to interface XBee module with your robots

End of life product

Size Chart
Size Chart

XBee SIP Adapter

This board has a XBee chip and con be connected to the mother board of your choice. Its double SIP connectors gives it a robust connection of a breadboard or any prototyping board. This chip is therefore ideal to develop your own robots.

Advanced functionnalities are accessible through extra connectors on the adapter.

Technical specifications for the XBee SIP Adapter

  • Adapter board is pre-assembled - no soldering required for using most common XBee features
  • Onboard 3.3 V regulator
  • 5V to 3.3 V logic translator buffers common I/O pins
  • Six status indicator LEDs for Power, Tx, Rx, RSSI, Associate and mode (Sleep/ON)
  • Small footprint dual SIP header provides support and allows easy interfacing to DOUT (TX), DIN (RX), RTS, 5 V supply and ground
  • 5-pin female header connections provides interfacing to other XBee pins such as sleep, reset and associate
  • A row of 10 plated through-holes with 0.1” spacing allows the option of soldering jumper wires or a header (not included) for access to the remaining XBee pins in advanced applications
  • An additional plated through-hole gives access to 3.3 V output for ADC reference (VREF) when required

The XBee SIP adapter is compliant with microcontrollers from Parallax such as the Basic Stamp used by the Boe-Bot mobile robot and the SumoBot robot, and the microcontroller Propeller P8X32A used by the StingRay robot and Eddie the robot with the Microsoft Kinect Sensor.


L'adaptateur SIP XBee répond à la norme ROHS

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