XBee Adapter Board
XBee Adapter Board

XBee Adapter Board

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00039
Interface board for XBee modules
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Xbee adapter board

You'll be able to interface your XBee and XBee Pro modules with other modules and boards using this PCB. This adapter board is particularly adapted to connect a XBee module with a solderless prototype board (breadboard).

Technical specifications of the XBee adapter board

The technical specifications of this adapter board are as follows:

  • Converts XBee 2mm pin spacing to 0.1" pin spacing used on breadboards
  • Provides easy pluggable wire or solder connections
  • The board has 2 mounting holes

What is included in the kit

This kit contains:

  • 1 x XBee Adapter Board PCB
  • 2 x 10-pin 2mm sockets
  • 1 x 40-pin SIP header

This XBee adapter board is ROHS compliant

Référence constructeur : 32403

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