AX-S1 integrated sensor

Robotis | A-000000-00068
The AX-S1 integrated sensor allows you to detect obstacles and to measure enlightment in three directions. It can also detect and emit sounds.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Description of the AX-S1 integrated sensor

The AX-S1 integrated sensor contains:

  • Three light sensors: they measure the amount of infrared light coming to the AX-S1 integrated sensor. Measured values are between 0 and 255.
  • Three distance sensors: an infrared emitter sends a signal and the receivers measure the quantity of infrared light coming back to the AX-S1 integrated sensor, as for the light measurement. The bigger the measured value, the closer the obstacle. The value is between 0 and 255 and can depends on the color and texture of obstacles.
  • On infrared sensor for remote control. It allows to send and receive data from one AX-S1 integrated sensor to another.
  • A mic: it can measure the max sound level, detect and count claps.
  • A buzzer : it can play up to 52 different tones

The AX-S1 integrated sensor has the same case than the AX-12+ Dynamixel servomotor to allow a maximal mechanical compatibility.

The AX-S1 integrated sensor is compatible with the CM-5, CM-510 , CM-700 and CM-900 controllers.

upper view of the integrated sensor ax-s1 dynamixel robotis

Specifications of the AX-S1 integrated sensor

  • Dimensions : 32mm x 50.1mm x 40mm
  • Operating temperature: -5 C ~ +85 C
  • Operating voltage : 7V~10V
  • Command signal: digital packet
  • Protocol: Half-duplex asynchronous serial communication
  • Physical link: TTL Level Multi Drop
  • Communication speed: 7843bps ~ 1 Mbps
  • Data: IR sensors, mic, input voltage, IR Remocon Tx/Rx data.
  • Material : Engineering Plastic

specifications of the integrated snesor ax-s1 dynamixel robotis

The AX-S1 integrated sensor is shipped with:

  • 1 adaptor
  • 16 M2 nuts
  • 1 3-pin 200mm cable
  • 16 M2*6 bolts
  • 1 M3*10 bolt

accessories comprised with the integrated sensor ax-s1 dynamixel robotis

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