Crystal Upgrade Kit B

Vex Robotics | A-000000-00069
Frequency extension kit for the remote controled robots Protobot from Vex Robotics
End of life product

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Size Chart

This expansion pack allows you to change the frequency used by the transmitter to control the Vex autonomous robot. The transmitter included in the Dual Control Starter Bundle, uses a standard frequency for all kits. When you want to remote control Vex robots simultaneously using multiple transmitters, such as during a competition, it is necessary to change the frequency used by the transmitters so that each robot is controlled by a transmitter with its own frequency.

Crystal upgrade kit for Vex Robotics robots

Crystal Upgrade Kit A from Vex Robotics has 4 pairs of crystals (the crystals are supplied in pairs, one for the robot and one for the transmitter) each offering a different frequency:

  • Channel 63 (radio frequency 75,450 MHz)
  • Channel 67 (radio frequency 75,530 MHz)
  • Channel 83 (radio frequency 75,850 MHz)
  • Channel 87 (radio frequency 75,930 MHz)

To know more about remote control of Vex Robotics robots: Inventor Guide page for remote control of Vex Robots

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