Parrot AR.Race Donut

Parrot | A-000000-00201
Inflatable donut for AR.Drone personal UAV
End of life product
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Size Chart

This inflatale donut is an obstacle to create your own races and challenges. Your goal is to get the AR.Drone UAV pass into the donut to validate the challenge and to test your pilot skills.

This donut for AR.Drone has been created for the AR.Race game. This game is and augmented reality game that runs on Iphone (or Ipod touch). You can download the AR.Race augmented reality game on the Itunes store. Click on the following image to go on the Itunes store to get AR.Race:



The AR.Race is using the augmented reality technology

Official video of the AR.Race game from Parrot:


Screen shot of AR.Race:

Screen shot of AR.Race from Parrot for AR.Drone

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