Parrot AR.Drone Mounting Tools

Parrot | A-000000-00204
Mounting tools for your quadricopter drone AR.Drone.
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Size Chart

Since its conception, the AR. Drone was scheduled to be repaired if necessary. Thus, all component parts of the quadricopter drone AR.Drone are replaceable and available for sale. The toolbox proposed here makes it easy to perform various operations on your quadricopter drone AR.Drone.

The tool kit includes a PhillipsTM screwdriver to remove and reassemble the motors and the TorxTM screwdriver for the main board and the navigation board. Also provided is a special circlip tool used to easily insert and remove the circlips that hold the propellers and gears onto the shafts.

The video below shows how to change the mainboard of your quadricopter drone AR.Drone using the toolbox.

This toolbox is compliant with versions 1 and 2 of the AR.Drone.

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