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The ZIG2Serial component allows you to plug a wireless communication module ZIG-100 on a USB2Dynamixel or directly on a serial port.
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Size Chart

Presentation of the ZIG2serial

The ZIG2Serial allows you to connect a ZIG-100 on the serial port of a computer or on a USB2Dynamixel and to use wireless communication with your Dynamixel servomotors and controllers.

the ZIG2Seriel allows to connect a wireless module ZIG-100 to a serial port or a USB2Dynamixel

Warning, the ZIG2Serial is not compatible with the ZIG-110, ZIG-110A and BT-110A devices.

Specifications of the ZIG2Serial

  • Weight: 11g
  • Dimensions: 56mm x 34mm x 12mm
  • Communication speed : 57600bps

Using the ZIG2Serial

A USB2Dynamixel will supply power to your ZIG2Serial. But if you plug the component directly on a serial port, you need an external 5V supply on the power pins. You also need to solder the 'Resistor for external power' together to establish contact.

externaml power supply for the ZIG2Serial

Connect the wireless communication module ZIG-100. Be careful to respect the direction shown in the picture:

connecting direction of the ZIG-100 on the ZIG2Serial

You can then use the RoboPlus software to parametrize the ZIG-100 device.

If you want to use the ZIG-100 device in broadcast mode, the default channel is 1. To change channel, you need to cut the R5, R6 or R7 connections. Refer to the table below:


Channel R5 R6 R7
1 connected connected connected
2 connected cut connected
3 cut connected connected
4 connected or cut connected or cut cut

choice of the broadcast channel on the ZIG2Serial

Presenting the Zig2Serial in a video

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