Zig-100 ZigBee Wireless Module Set

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Set of 2 Zig-100 ZigBee module for Bioloid
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Size Chart

Set of 2 Zig-100 ZigBee Wireless Modules for Bioloid

These two modules add wireless capabilities to your Bioloid robots. These Zig-100 wireless modules can be used in two different ways :

  • By connecting each Zig-100 module on a CM-5 controller of 2 Bioloid robots, Both controllers communicate.
  • You'll be able to control your Bioloid robot remotely by connecting one Zig-100 on the CM-5 controller of the robot and the other Zig-100 on a Zig2Serial device on your computer.

Technical specifications of the Zig-100 module

The Zig-100 modules use the 2,4 Ghz frequency to communicate via UART. The technical specifications of the Zig-100 modules are as follows:

  • Weight: 3.1g
  • Dimension: 19mm x 26.7mm x 12mm
  • bandwidth: MAX 250kbps
  • Operating voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V (Recommended: 3.3V)
  • consumption: 30mA (at 3.3V)
  • Communication speed: 57600bps

The Zig-100 modules are compatibles with the Bioloid kits that are using the CM-5 controller including theBioloid Comprehensive Kit.

Programming the Zig-100 Zigbee modules

The usage of the Zig-100 modules is compatible with the RoboPlus software. To know more about the ZigBee connection using RoboPlus, go to the support page of robotis presenting the Zig-100.

To go further with the Zig-100, Robotis provides aSDK.

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