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Boe-Bot servo controleur
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A module with two functions

This module's aim is to control the motors of a Boe-Bot robot so that your program running on your robot does not have to care about motors, freeing power to the BasicStamp to achieve other tasks. This module is very useful for robots (mobile or not) which require that the servos run continuously, regardless of the robot's activity.

In parallel, the ServoPal has a second function and can be used as a timer. It is indeed possible to trigger an "alarm" at a given time (less than 30 minutes) and thus achieve a specific action at specific intervals. The ServoPal, is independent of BasicStamp (the microcontroller from Parallax), so it can act as a supervisor (known WatchDog) of the BasicStamp performing a monitoring on a regular basis and if needed restarting the program of the Boe- Bot robot.

To download the PDF documentation of the ServoPal, click on the following link.
ServoPal Documentation PDF Documentation of the ServoPal

ServoPal is ROHS compliant
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