6V/1W Parallax Solar Panel

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00308
6V, 1W, your small robots don't need batteries anymore !
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Very easy to use, this solar panel will play well with your next solar powered project. The solar cell provides a 6V DC output at optimal solar exposure for a power of 1W (approximately 167mA). Several panels may be chained in serial and/or parallel to allow increasing voltage and/or current.

Parallax 6V 1W solar panel at a glance

  • 6V DC voltage output
  • 1W power output (approx. 167mA)
  • Serial / Parallel chainable cells
  • small and thin form factor

Project ideas to use the Parallax 6V 1W solar panel

  • An autonomous datalogging station
  • A smart solar powered outdoor lighting system
  • A solar powered mini-mobile robot of course !

Parallax 6V 1W detailed specifications

  • Voltage output: 6V DC
  • Power output : 1W
  • Current output : approx. 167mA
  • Dimensions : 125 x 63 x 3.4 mm
  • weight : 0.3kg

The solar panels are ROHS compliant

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