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Development board for Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller that is compatible with Arduino Shields
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Size Chart
Size Chart

StampDuino is a board that links the Basic Stamp and the Arduino technologies

The StampDuino is a development board that can accommodate the Basic Stamp 2, a programmable microcontroller produced by Parallax that is programmable using PBASIC. The BASIC Stamp microcontroller is used by mobile robots programmable Boe-Bot and SumoBot.

The StampDuino is programmable in PBASIC. Its originality is that it provides connectivity compatible with Arduino Shields. So you can connect an Arduino shield on StampDuino and then program the Arduino Shield in PBASIC.

StampDuino with a Basic Stamp microcontroller

Warning: The Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller is not included with the StampDuino board.

Technical specifications of the StampDuino board

The technical specifications of the StampDuino are as follows:

  • Power and Communication by USB
  • StampDuino keeps the 16 digital I/O and PWM pins free of use.
  • Compatible with most of Arduino Shields
  • Integrated Serial Communication LEDs for a visual confirmation of data transfer.
  • LED connected to pin 13
  • Reset Button
  • Power from 7 to 12 V DC
  • USB port protected by fuse
  • Dimensions: 68.58mm x 53.34mm
Technical schema of the StampDuino
Click on the following image to download the PDF technical user guide of the StampDuino board:
PDF technical user guide of the StampDuino board
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