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The Automatic Robot Vacuum Neato XV-25 has been specially designed for pet owners and allergy sufferer. The Neato XV-25 is basically similar to the Neato XV-15 but it brings additional features such as more power and adapted brush and filters.
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Size Chart

The NEATO XV-25, a robotic vacuum cleaner that used a unique technology

Why the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25 ?

NEATO Robotics is a young Californian company that has recently launched (in 2007) on the market of vacuum robots. Rather than duplicate existing technologies, NEATO Robotics has decided to innovate and to propose better robotics vacuum cleaners than those currently existing on the market.


What are the differences between the Neato XV-25 and the Neato XV-15 ?

The automatic Robot Vacuum Neato XV-25 has specifically been designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers. Besides the color, the only differences are:

  • The Neato XV-15 has a brush with plastic blades that is very powerful on smooth surfaces. The Neato XV-25 proposes 2 brushes: one that is similar to the Neato XV-15 and one new dual brush with bristle and strip: this brush is more adapted to pick up hairs and animal hairs, especially on carpets and rugs.
  • A more advanced filter where the air circulates better, which gives extra suction power for Neato XV-25 compared to the Neato XV-15. This filter better retains allergens and animal hairs.

The good news is that the Neato XV-25 filter and the dual brush and can be purchased separately and mounted on the Neato XV-15 (they are compatible with the Neato XV-15!).

Strengths of the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25

The robot vacuum NEATO XV-25 differs from the competition by three main features:

  • First of all, its unique path planning technology named RPS, ensures thorough cleaning of your home in the shortest time possible. When its competitors use a random path planning, the NEATO XV-25 uses a methodical and optimized algorithm to reduce cleaning time and to ensure that the entire surface has been covered.
  • Then, suction power. The robot vacuum NEATO XV-25 is the most powerful automatic robot on the market. This high suction power ensures a thorough cleaning of your home.
  • The last strength is its robustness. Rather than conventional traditional brushes as they can be found on the other robot vacuums, brushes that crash with hair, the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25 offers flexible plastic blades, both more efficient and more robust!

To these three main criteria could be added ease of use, innovative programs (such as cleaning a small area), the automatic obstacle avoidance, avoidance of falls down stairs...

Technical specifications of the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25

The RPS (Room Positioning System) laser mapping technology of the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25

The NEATO XV-25 is the only robot vacuum to have an integrated laser range finder sensor. With this sensor, the NEATO XV-25 has a 360 degrees view of its surroundings, allowing it to create an accurate virtual map of its environment. It can determine the most methodical and most effective path to clean the surface that contrast to the random navigation systems found on other robots.

The robot vacuum Neato XV-25 scan the environment using its embedded laser range finder

Using this technology, the robot knows where it is, it does not returns twice in the same place and returns directly to its base either at the end of his work or to recharge itself if it has not finished processing the surface to be vacuumed.

And thanks to its unique shape and its laser range finder, the XV-25 NEATO avoids most of the obstacles that other home robots can only detect by impact with furniture and other objects sometimes fragile.

Smart Navigation Algorithm of the robot vacuum Neato XV-25

Besides its smart navigation software, a magnetic tape is provided in the box of the robot. This tape placed on the ground allows you to define areas where the robot must not go, functioning as a virtual wall.

Suction power of the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25

With its suction power, the NEATO XV-25 cleans more thoroughly all possible surfaces such as rugs and carpets without difficulty when changing surfaces or when crossing of thresholds.

At the heart of the vacuum cleaner is a centrifugal compressor wheel that follows the principles of air flow of jet engines. It creates and maintains a strong suction power, allowing the Neato XV-25 to effectively pick up dirt, debris and pet hair.

Technical specification of the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25

  • Dimensions of the robot vacuum : 33 cm (width) x 31,75 cm (length) x 10,1 cm (height)
  • Dimensions de l'emballage : 54,1 cm (width) x 38,6 cm (length) x 14 cm (height)
  • Weight of the box (robot vacuum + accessories) : 8,2 kg
  • Volume of the dust bin : 0.66 l
  • A USB port to update the navigation software
  • A LCD screen used as an interface to communicate with the robot to program cleaning sessions, choose its language, to set the time and to get information on the state of the robot.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x robot vacuum NEATO XV-25
  • 1 x Charging station
  • 1 x new filters (for the dust bin) that retains more than 3 times the amount of fine dust particles
  • 1 x brush with plastic blades
  • 1 x bristle brush that improves pick-up of pet hair dander and fibers
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x quick starting guide
  • Boundary Markers (magnetic tape to cut to create virtual walls)

Content of the Neato XV-25 box


Warranty of the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25

The robot vacuum NEATO XV-25 is 2 years warranty.

Some videos presenting the robot vacuum NEATO XV-25


The vacuum cleaner robot Neato XV-25 is also for teachers and programmers

The vacuum cleaner robot Neato XV-25 is programmable. You can get information and send command using the USB connector. The Neato XV-25 is a great development platform. Indeed, who can propose a mobile robot with contact sensors and a laser sensor at less than 500 €? The Neato XV-25 has a USB port to communicate with.

To know more about the programming of the Neato XV-25, go to

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