AR.Drone 1 Replacement Navigation Board

Parrot | A-000000-00550
Replacement navigation board for your AR.Drone 1 personal UAV
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The navigation board for AR.Drone is responsible for the navigation and stabilization of the AR.Drone.

Technical specifications of the navigation board for the AR.Drone 1 UAV

The navigation board for AR.DRone 1 includes:


  • One 40 MIPS microcontroller with a fast 12 bits ADC converter.
  • One ultrasonic transceiver and one ultrasonic receiver to measure the height of the drone up to 6 meters (20 feet). The altimeter provides a measure at a 25 Hz rate.
  • A 3 axis digital MEMS accelerometer positioned at the center of gravity of the AR.Drone. The accelerometer is used in a +/- 2g range and digitalized by an on-chip 10 bit ADC. Data are sent to the microcontroller.
  • A two axis MEMS gyroscope and a precision piezoelectric gyroscope for the yaw measurement and heading control. Both sensors measure up to 500 °/s. These are analog sensors digitalize by the 12bits ADC of the microcontroller.

These sensors compose the inertial measurement unit. The fusion of these data allows computing the Euler angles of the AR.Drone. Euler angles are used for stabilization. The navigation board software may be updated when you update the AR.Drone software.

This kit includes 1 navigation board and 4 screws.

How to replace the navigation board for AR.Drone1 ?

The navigation board for AR.Drone 1 can be replaced easily as shown in the following video:

Warning : This product is only compatible with the version 1 of the AR.Drone and is not compatible with version 2.

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