CM-510 main controller

Robotis | A-000000-00548
The main controller card CM-510 drives your Dynamixel servomotors AX and MX, in TTL. It carries a ATMega2561 microcontroller and is programmed with the RoboPlus software.
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Size Chart

Description of the CM-510 main controller

the robotis CM-510 main controller for dynamixel servomoter

The CM-510 main controller contains a board with a ATMega2561 microcontroller with a CPU, TTL communication circuit and 5-pin connectors to add devices, sensors, for example. It is intended to command Dynamixel servomotors from the ranges AX 'bioloid kits) and MX-xxT (those who compose the DarwinOp robot. Warning, the MX-xxR servomotors use the RS485 communication protocol).

Connecting the CM-510 main controller

pins of the CM-510 main controller from robotis for dynamixel servomotor


  • PC Link (Serial Cable): Used to connect the serial cable to the CM-510 and PC via serial port. Used for communication with other PC or downloading task code. Bioloid seriel cable BSC-10 not included.
  • Communication Device Connection Jack: Used for wireless communicate with ZIG-110, IR receiver modules or other boards
  • Battery Jack: Used to connect with the Bioloid battery (11.1V LiPO battery not included).
  • Power Jack: Used to connect the SMPS power supply (12V 5A, not included).
  • Power LED : ON and OFF LED for the power
  • Power Switch : Used to turn the robot ON / OFF.
  • MODE Button : Used to change the operation mode of CM-510. The three mode LEDS allow you to visualize the current mode:
    • MANAGE: Dynamixel Management Mode, used to set or test the operations of CM-510 and AX/MX Dynamixel using RoboPlus Manager. Automatically executed when RoboPlus Manager and CM-510 main controller are connected.
    • PROGRAM: motion edit mode, used when the motions are edited with RoboPlus Motion. Automatically executed when RoboPlus Motion and CM-510 main controller are connected.
    • PLAY: task code mode. Used after downloading the written code to CM-510 main controller with with RoboPlus Task. The Start button must be pressed directly by the user to execute when PLAY LED flickers.
  • START Button : Used to START selected mode.
  • Status Display LED: TxD LED is on while CM-510 main controller is transmitting the data to the outside, RxD LED is on while CM-510 main controller is receiving the data from the outside. The AUX led is at your disposal, it can be turned ON or OFF using task code.
  • U / L / D / R buttons: Used for input purposes when a program is playing on the CM-510 main controller. These buttons can be used to send commands to the robot.
  • AX/MX Serise Bus Port (3 pin): Used to connect the AX/MX-xxT Dynamixel servomotors in a daisy chain method.
  • Peripheral Devices Connection Port (5pin): Used to connect Distance Measurement Sensor, Touch Sensor, IR Sensor, and peripheral devices. The port numbers for each port are represented in bars such as I , II , III, IIII , IIIII , and IIIIII.

Specifications of the CM-510 main controller

  • Weight : 51.3g
  • Controller : ATMega2561
  • Working Voltage : 6.5V ~ 15V. Recommanded voltage: 11.1V (Li-PO 3cell)
  • Consumed Current
    • When IDLE : 50mA
    • Exterior I/O Maximum Current : 0.9A
    • Overall Maximum Current : 10A (Fuse)
  • Working Temperature : -5℃~70℃
  • Internal I/O Device
    • Button : 2 sets (Reset 1, Start 1)
    • Voltage Sensor : 1
  • External I/O Device
    • 6 OLLO Peripheral-Device Compatible 5 pin I/O Port
    • 5 3-Pin Connector for Dynamixel using TTL Communication
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