Potentiometer robotic sensor

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Analog robotic sensor to get both position and direction of rotation. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT
End of life product
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Size Chart

With the Potentiometer you can determine both position and direction of rotation. Use this sensor to get an analog measurement of angular position. This measurement can help to understand the position of robot arms or other mechanisms. A Programming Kit is needed to change the program in the VEX Controller to use the Potentiometer (included into our Protobot starter kit).

  • Measure Angular Position.
  • 250-Degrees of Adjustment.
  • Adjustable mounting angle.

Uses: Incorporating the VEX potentiometer kit into your project can make it easier for your robot to perform autonomous behaviors. A robot equipped with a potentiometer becomes aware of the position angles and motion of different components, thus making it more aware of its actions.

Function: A potentiometer is an electrical device whose resistance is adjustable. The user can therefore adjust the degree to which the potentiometer opposes electric current through it, simply by turning a shaft that is attached to the center of the potentiometer. As the resistance of the potentiometer changes, so does the voltage, which thus causes the potentiometer to act as a variable voltage divider. This varying voltage can be measured by the VEX Controller and is directly proportional to the angular position of the shaft connected to the center of the potentiometer. This allows you to obtain an analog measurement of an angular position.


This kit contains 2 potentiometers.

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