Boe-Bot robotic kit with Bluetooth
Boe-Bot robotic kit with Bluetooth
Boe-Bot robotic kit with Bluetooth

Boe-Bot robotic kit with Bluetooth

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00671
Boe-Bot is the Parallax's best seller. Robust, comprehensive and educational, this kit is designed for beginners but also experienced enthusiasts. This version contains a Bluetooth card to pilot and program a wireless robot
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Boe-Bot mobile robot with Bluetooth connectivity

Boe-Bot is a small, robust, fast and complete robot. Parallax relies on its expertise in the construction of electronic components to make this robot. With the high quality manual (345 pages !) included in the kit, you will be able to build step by step this robot that will give you full satisfaction. This version includes a USB port (instead of the usual serial port) which allows you to download the programs tyou created on your PC to the robot and also a Bluetooth model to donwload you program without the need to have a clable. Programs are in PBASIC, a proprietary language (CD included). The documentation will teach you how to use this language and thus program the microcontroller (the BASIC Stamp).


The Boe-Bot robotics kit contains:

The kit contains:

  • a microcontroller BASIC STAMP 2
  • a CD containing the IDE (the programing software) and also many PDF documentations and manuals
  • The student guide : a 345 pages book which will guide you through the implementation and programming of the robot
  • The Bord of Education rev C
  • A serial cable
  • A bluetooth card
  • A screw driver
  • A USB cable
  • USB connector
  • Structural parts of the robots (screws, aluminum supports...)
  • All the electronic parts and sensors (resistors, capacitors, LED, Photoresistors, IR transmitter...)

It should be noted that it is not necessary to know electronics and not necessary to have additional hardware to build this robot.

Please not that your PC needs to be compatible with the Bluetooth technology. If this is not the case, you can purchase a Bluetooth USB key.

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