Hardware for mobile robot

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Chassis and hardware for your own mobile robot
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Hardware and chassis kit for mobile robots

This kit includes everything you need (chassis, servomotors, wheels and basic electronic components) to make your own programmable mobile robot, except the microcontroller board. You can then use the microcontroller board of your choice with these basic elements.

This high quality kit is used in the Boe-Bot mobile robot where the programming card is a board-of-Education with the BASIC Stamp microcontroller. This kit is also used in the Boe Shield Kit where the board is an Arduino.

This hardware kit meets the need all those who have a controller board and want to use it to pilot a mobile robot.

Robotics hardware and chassis kit contents

This hardware and chassis kit for mobile robots contains:

  • An Aluminum chassis
  • a Tail Wheel Ball to act as a free wheel
  • Two wheels with rubber band tire
  • A 4 AA batteries holder with a connection cable
  • Two continuous rotation servomotors
  • Various led, phototransistor,resistors , emitting and receiving infrared led and capacitors
  • Nuts and bolts
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