POB Robotics Suite Designer Kit

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New programmable robotic suite from Pob Robotics
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The POB Robotics Suite is the first comprehensive set of technologies dedicated to personal robotics. Mechanics, electronics and software have been designed to allow an easy and quick start. The POB Robotics Suite is based on a robot comes assembled and tested. This robot is used as a base to build customized creations. Users do change according to their needs or different labs offered.

A robot consists firstly of mechanics. For its POB Robotics Suite, POB Technology has developed a mechanical system of great versatility coupled with an attractive design. It is composed of multiple components so that the user can easily customize its robotic platform by simply screw and assemble various parts and sensors. Theprinciple is the same as that of a toy such as "Meccano".

POB currently has a catalog of more than 60 references of mechanical parts such as plates, gears, motors, actuators and also sensors.

The POB Robotics Suite Designer Kit content

The Designer kit includes the robot plus a set of mechanical parts to start with the Robotics POB Suite. This kit enables three different sets: The Scribe robot, the radar robot or the gripper robot.

Pob Robotics Designer kit various robots

The designer kit contains:

  • 1x Robot
  • 2x Servos Futaba S3003
  • 1x distance sensor between 20 and 80 cms
  • 1x gripper kit
  • 1x pen holder
  • 2x vertical angles
  • 1x 12 tooth servo gear
  • 1x servomotor front plate
  • 1x Designer Kit screw pack
  • 1x Allen key
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x CD-Rom (Software, instruction manual, technical documentation)

Technical specifications of the robot included in the POB Robotics Suite Designer Kit

  • 1 USB connector
  • 8 servo connectors
  • 8 I/O connectors
  • 2 DC motors with digital encoders
  • 1 LCD screen
  • Battery (option not included)
robot included in the POB Robotics Suite Designer Kit

Programming the POB Robotics Suite Designer Kit

On the programming side, the POB-technology company provides a Software Suite adapted to everyone’s skills.

Risbee, the icon programming software is pretty simple and intuitive for beginners or advanced users.

No programming code here, move icons on a grid (map) one after the other to create behaviors!

Connect your robot, load your program and this is it!

For those who prefer pushing their robotics experience even further, POB-Tools is a very complete development environment to program your robots in Basic, C, Java!

Programming software for the robot included in the POB Robotics Suite Designer Kit

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