BFS-10 Bioloid Frame Set

Robotis | A-000000-00070
The BFS-10 Bioloid Frame Set contains lots of structure frames, as well as screws, bolts, washer and even wheels with rubber tires for you to build robotics arms or mobile robots with Dynamixel servomotors of the AX range.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Contents of the BFS-10 Bioloid Frame Set


  • 14 sorts of Bioloid frames (108 pieces)
  • 11 sorts of nuts/bolds (approx 1000 pieces)
  • Washer and bushing
  • 4 wheels with rubber tires
  • 32 nut fixative stickers
  • 5x5 cables of different sizes
  • cable extender PCB
  • fuse

All mechanical pieces of the BFS-10 Bioloid Frame Set are available with the Dynamixel servomotors of the range AX (AX-12A, AX-18A and AX-12W) from the Premium and Comprehensive Bioloid kits and the CM-5 Dynamixel controller.

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