BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit

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Midrange Bioloid robotics kit to build 26 different programmable mobile robots ! This Bioloid kit is ideal for learning the construction of robots.
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The BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit

The BIOLOID Comprehensive kit is a robotics kit that allows building 26 different robots: from a mobile bridge with one degree of freedom to a hexapod or a humanoid with 18 degrees of freedom. The 26 examples of robots are described in the documentation. You can give free rein to your imagination and build the robots of your choice with this BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit. This BIOLOID robotics kit is ideal for robotics education and robotics clubs.

The 26 robots you can build with the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit

All the programming sources and the videos are available on the Robotis web site.

Contents of the BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit

This BIOLOID robotics kit is presented in a box. It containts:

The Dynamixel AX-12A smart actuators

Dynamixel actuators are recognized as the most qualitative servos on the market. The Dynamixel AX-12A smart actuator has a more powerful torque (1.5 N.m at 12V) than the other actuators. Like all other Dynamixel actuators, the Dynamixel AX-12A actuator has the ability to connect with the Dynamixel communication bus (1Mbs Half-Duplex) using Daisy-Chain.

Technical specifications of the Dynamixel AX-12A smart actuator:

  • Weight : 54.6g
  • Dimensions : 32mm x 50mm x 40mm
  • Reduction ratio: 254:1
  • No load speed: 59 RPM at 12V
  • Feedback: position, temperature, load, voltage, etc.

Dynamixel frames

The assembly system of structural components is the key to building your robot. Each structural part is fixed to a Dynamixel AX-12A actuator. There are different forms of frame depending on the type of structure or articulation you want to create. Each pair of actuator and frame is connected to another similar pair to build the robot of your choice. Use your imagination and learn how to build mechanical and robotic structures using the BIOLOID Comprehensive kit.

The AX-S1 module sensor

The BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit contains a AX-S1 module sensor. This robotics module actually contains various sensors:

  • 3 infrared distance sensors (front, left and right)
  • An infrared receiver
  • A microphone
  • A Piezo-electric sound generator

Dynamixel AX-S1 module sensor for Bioloid

The AX-S1 module sensor for Bioloid

Programming the BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit

The BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit can be programmable using RoboPlus, a free programming software from Robotis.

Programming the BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit using RoboPlus

RoboPlus is a programming environment created by Robotis dedicated to programming Dynamixel actuators. RoboPlus is free and downloadable from the web site of Robotis. A version of the programming software is included in the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit on a CD-Rom.

RoboPlus is divided into three sub-programs:

  • RoboPlus Task : This software is used to program the robot from icons moved using drag and drop. RoboPlus Task is ideal for beginners to quickly program a simple behavior.
  • RoboPlus Motion : This software is used to edit robot movements and apply inverse kinematics.
  • RoboPlus Manager : This software allows controlling the firmware of the actuators and the controller.
RoboPlus Manager for your robots from the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit RoboPlus Motion for your robots from the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit
RoboPlus Task for your robots from the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit

To know more about RoboPlus :

Some tutorials with code examples are available on Robotis' web site.

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