ROBOTIS STEM Standard level 1

ROBOTIS STEM Standard level 1

ROBOTIS STEM Standard level 1
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Bioloid kit dedicated to the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This Bioloid kit contains two booklets organized into seven chapters provinding progressive teaching. Ideal in high school.
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The ROBOTIS STEM Standard kit

The Bioloid kit is a great product! Targeting young hobbyists passionate about science and robotics, but also very suitable for teachers of high school and college level, this kit contains materials of high quality. 2 books are included and are richly illustrated. These books propose a step by step discovery of many technical concepts. Organized into 7 chapters, technical concepts are presented and illustrated by implementing and programming a robot. The books are respectively 135 and 176 pages.

Organization of activities in the two books included into the ROBOTIS STEM Standard kit

The following image presents the 7 chapters of the books included in the ROBOTIS STEM Standard kit:

7 chapters of the 2 booklets included in the Bioloid STEM standard kit

Content of the ROBOTIS STEM Standard kit

This robotics kit contains everything that is needed to use the curriculum proposed by the 2 books: the Dynamixel AX-12W actuators, the structural parts and also the RoboPlus programming software on a CD-ROM. The following image describes what's included in the ROBOTIS STEM Standard kit. This set requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

Content of the Bioloid Standard STEM kit

Programming the ROBOTIS STEM Standard kit using RoboPlus

Robotis, the company at the origin of Bioloid, provides a programming software named RoboPlus. This software allows you to program your Bioloid robots by controlling the Dynamixel actuators. RoboPlus is in fact composed of 3 software's:

  • Roboplus Motion : graphical animation program for your Bioloid robot.
  • Roboplus Task : visual programming to control your robots (based on a language using a C syntax)
  • Roboplus Manager : actuators and controllers management.

Programming Bioloid robots using RoboPlus

To know more about programming the Dynamixel actuators using RoboPlus, check our tutorials:

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