BIOLOID Beginner Kit

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Bioloid robotics kit for beginners
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The Bioloid Beginner kit

This Bioloid Beginner kit is the starter kit of the Bioloid range. It is aimed at young people and beginners who want to learn about robotics and digital servo such as AX-12A. With 26 different robots available on the accompanying CD, you will have the opportunity to discover a wide range of building strategies and programming.

Bioloid robotics arm Cliff detector Bioloid Penguin Robot Robotis

More robots and videos are available at

Bioloid Beginner kit contents

The Bioloid Beginner kit contains the following elements:

Programming Bioloid robots

The RoboPlus software is provided on the CD-ROM. RoboPlus enables simple and powerful graphical programming of the actuators. RoboPlus is well adapted for beginners.

To know more about RoboPlus programming, check our 2 tutorials:

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