Arduino compatible relay module - V2

Arduino compatible relay module - V2

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This module allows you to command a relay from an arduino board to control more powerful robots. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT
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Size Chart

Presentation of the Arduino compatible relay module

An Arduino board works with a 5V power supply. For small mobile robots, this voltage is enough and you often have the same power source powering the microcontroller, the sensors and the motors.

But for bigger and more powerful robots, 5V is far from enough. You therefore need two separate circuits, one 'command circuit' and one 'power circuit', that work with different voltages. The power circuit can contain a lamp, a solenoid, motors...

The link between these two circuits is the Arduino compatible relay module. It is very compact and you can use it with every Arduino boards. It is very easy to use and have a led to help you visualize the state (blocked or passing) of the relay.

Using the Arduino compatible relay module

The Arduino compatible relay module has two connectors:

The first one, white, should be connected to your command circuit, i.e. to your Arduino board. The three pins are 1:command, 2:power, 3:ground

Arduino compatible relay module

The second connector, green, is linked to the power circuit. It has four pins:

  • In : input signal
  • NC: not connected
  • Out2 : NC switch (normally closed)
  • Out1 : NO switch (normally open)

If the command signal is 0, Out2 is connected to In and Out1 not. If the signal command is 1, Out1 is connected to In and Out2 not.

Technical specifications of the Arduino compatible relay module

  • Type: digital
  • Single relay board
  • Rated through-current: 10A (NO) 5A (NC)
  • Maximum voltage: 150VAC 24VDC
  • Control signal: TTL level
  • Max. switching voltage 250VAC/30VDC
  • Max. switching current 15A
  • Operate time (at nomi. Vot.): 10ms
  • Release time (at nomi. Vot.): 5ms

You can find the relay datasheet here.

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