Chassis for balanced 2W miniQ mobile robot
Chassis for balanced 2W miniQ mobile robot

Chassis for balanced 2W miniQ mobile robot

DFRobot | A-000000-00034
This two wheels chassis is the base of a balanced 2W miniQ mobile robot. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The miniQ robots are specifically designed for educationnal purpose. Their small size makes it easy to use on a desk or in competitions.

The balancing robot chassis for 2W miniQ is easy to mount and allows you to build your own miniQ robot by adding a Romeo board.

Or you can customize your mobile robot by mounting the Arduino board of your choice on it and a motor shield. Then, the possibilities of the whole Arduino world are open to you !

The balanced version of the 2W miniQ robot chassis does not have a castor wheel, so it's up to you to program your robot so it stays straights on its wheels.

Technical specifications of the balanced robot chassis for 2W miniQ

2W miniQ mobile robot chassis


  • Diameter : 122mm
  • Distance between chassis and floor: 15mm


Motor specifications:

  • 13000 rpm for the motor, without load
  • gear ratio 50:1, so wheel maximal speed: 260 rpm
  • Current without load : 40mA at 6V
  • Stall current : 360mA at 6V
  • Torque: 7



  • 2 motors
  • 2 rubber wheels, diameter 42mm
  • 2 motor brackets
  • 1 chassis for miniQ 2W
  • 1 screw set
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