NFC/RFID Arduino shield

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This Arduino shield allows you to read and write NFC and RFID tags.
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The NFC technology allows a short range wireless communication between two devices or between a device and a tag. It is an extenstion of teh RFID technology.

The NFC/RFID Arduino shield enables a communication up to 10 cm, the maximum possible with 13.56MHz technology. It can read and write on all kinds of NFC and RFID tags. A Mifare Classic 1K card is included with the NFC/RFID Arduino shield.

The NFC/RFID Arduino shield communicates with the Arduino board using the I2C protocol by default, on the 4 and 5 analog pins. The digital pin 2 is used for interruptions: no need to poll the NFC/RFID regularly to check if it saw something, the shield itself will warn the Arduino board as soon as it sees a tag.

The NFC/RFID Arduino shield can also communicate using the SPI or UART protocols (be careful, there is a printing mistake on the board: the SEL0 pin is labeled SEL1 and vice versa).

Arduino library are available in download, as explained in the user's guide.

Dimensions: 53x118x1mm

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