CMUcam v4 shield for Arduino
CMUcam v4 shield for Arduino
CMUcam v4 shield for Arduino

CMUcam v4 shield for Arduino

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Computer vision is a technology requiring a fair amount of processing power that an Arduino board isn't able to supply. The CMUcam v4 is a vision subsystem with its own microprocessor able to handle advanced video processing.

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CMUcam v4, A powerful vision system for your robots and contraptions based on Arduino boards

The CMUcam project has been dedicated to the development of powerful and versatile vision systems for many years now. These vision systems embed the necessary processing power to do motion tracking, colors and objects recognition very easily.

The CMUcam v4 is a fully programmable computer vision system based on the Parallax P8X32A microprocessor (Propeller chip) connected to a OmniVision 9665 image sensor.

This board allow embedded advanced video processing without needing to use a computer. the output information can then be transmitted to the host control board (basically your Arduino board) that will make the necessary control loops -motor control for the object tracking for example or robot motion based on the CMUcam information).

CMUcam v4 computer vision system highlights:

The communication with the host board (Arduino or one of the available variants) is made via a standard serial TTL link. It is also possible to connect the CMUcam v4 to a computer using a serial/USB adapter.

THe CMUcam v4 also has a RCA connector jack to output images on a control screen for example.

The CMUcam project is entirely Open Source and very well documented. Part of the CMUcam price is given back to the Carnegie Mellon University, very famous for its robotics projects (RobotC for example) in order to allow them pursuing their research and development around the CMUcam.

CMUcam v4 computer vision system technical features:

The CMUcam v4 technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Open Source et reprogrammable hardware architecture
  • Arduino compatible footprint, software libraries and examples available for Arduino and Basic Stamp
  • Image capture module:
    • VGA resolution (640x480) RGB 565/YUV655 color spaces
    • Image processing rate: 30 frames per second
    • Raw image dump over serial port or directly on a flash card
    • available resolutions: 640x480, 320x240, 160x120 et 80x60
  • Embedded image processing (QQVGA 160x120):
    • Track user defined color blobs in the RGB/YUV color space
    • Available processing: mean, median, mode and standard deviation data collection. These processings are made at a 40x120 image resolution
    • Image clipping (Windowing)
  • FAT 16/32 support with µSD/µSDHC slot. Directory and file manipulation capability.
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • Two-port servo controller (pan and tilt, refresh rate of 50Hz)
    • Indicator user led (red) and power led (green)
    • TTL UART interface (up to 250,000 baud, 19,200 baud default)
  • RCA PAL/NTSC monochrome output (160x120) for tracking vizualisation (segmented image for example) 30fps refresh rate.
  • CMUcam4 GUI software for direct image viewing on PC

The CMUcam v4 includes:

  • CMUcam v4 board
  • RCA video jack
  • DC barrel jack connector
  • 2 6-pin headers
  • 2 8-pin headers

Downloads and resources for the CMUcam v4 Shield for Arduino

Shield CMUcam v4 for Arduino Schematics CMUcam v4 pour Arduino pinout
CMUCAM v4 pinout
Arduino library for the CMUcam v4 shield Arduino Librairies and examples for the CMUcam v4 shield:
Arduino Library and examples for the CMUcam v4
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