Communication Shield (XBee, Bluetooth, RFID) – XBee Shield

Communication Shield with XBee module (XBee, Bluetooth, RFID)

Communication Shield (XBee, Bluetooth, RFID) – XBee Shield
Arduino | A-000000-00284
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Use this XBee Communication Shield to directly connect your Bluetooth and RFID modules to your Arduino board.
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XBee Communication Shield: why do I need it?

Tired of spending all your time wiring? The XBee Communication Shield allows you to use your Bluetooth and RFID communication modules without wiring or soldering: simply connect your shield to your Arduino, then your chosen module to your shield!

This Arduino Shield (a Shield is an expansion card that fits on an Arduino) hosts an XBee chip and is used to communicate wirelessly using ZigBee radio technology.

NOTE: This Shield is supplied with the XBee chip but without the Arduino board. The Arduino Shield is provided fully assembled.

Uses for the XBee Shield

Use the XBee Shield to create a Bluetooth or RFID communication in all your home automation or Internet of Things projects. You can plug in the Arduino RFID 125 kHz Module or your Bluetooth Pro module.

The XBee Communication Shield has many uses, for example to control the opening of doors, improve security in your home or control your latest project from a distance.

Technical specifications of the Bluetooth and RFID Shield

  • RF module Maxstream XBee ™ Series 2 ZigBee OEM with on board chip antenna
  • Arduino compatible


The Arduino board is programmable using the Arduino programming software. This free software can be downloaded at The programming language used by Arduino is C.


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