Arduino compatible MicroSD card breakout board+

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Technical specifications of the microSD card adapter

The technical specifications of this adapter for MicroSD card are as follows:

  • Onboard 5V/3V regulator
  • 3V switch to easily switch from a 3V to 5V and vice versa
  • Using its own onboard chip to measure voltage levels rather than resistors which leads to fewer problems and faster read / write operations
  • Using 3 or 4 digital connectors to read and write more than 2GB of data
  • Activity LED that lights up when reading or writing operations occurs
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Push-push socket with the microSD card slightly over the edge of the PCB so its easy to insert and remove
  • Supplied with 0.1" headers on the edge of the PCB in order to connect the MicroSD adapter to a breadboard
  • Length: 31.85 mm
  • Width: 25.40mm
  • Height: 3.75 mm
  • Weight: 3.43 g

This microSD card adapter is well adapted to Arduino and numerous codes and wiring diagrams are available.

This microSD card adapter is provided without microSD card. A microSD card is available in this website.

The microSD card adapter is ROHS compliant.

The microSD card adapter is ROHS compliant.

Connecting the microSD card adapter with Arduino boards

To connect this microSD adapter to an Arduino board connect GND to ground, 5V to 5V, CLK to pin 13, DO to pin 12, DI to pin 11, and CS to pin 10. Then you can use the SDfatLib library that is compatible with SD FAT and FAT32 boards.

The following image shows an Arduino board that is connected with the microSD adapter.

Connection of an Arduino board with the microSD adapter

A complete tutorial is available at

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