LightSensorArray for NXT or EV3

LightSensorArray for NXT or EV3

LightSensorArray for NXT or EV3
MindSensors | A-000000-00160
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Range of 8 ight sensors embeded into one single sensor for a very efficient line following robot

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This LightSensorArray is specific to the Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 range of products. It includes an array of 8 light sensors. This sensor is ideal to build a line following robot.

The LightSensorArray communicates to the robot Lego Mindstorms NXT the 8 light values measured by the 8 light sensors. It's easy to detect an edge or a line on the ground to make decisions to follow-up or to avoid using this LightSensorArray.

This sensor is the ideal solution for the classical exercise of line following by a robot.

This LightSensorArray is the evolution of the old LineLeader. This new sensor does not have an embedded PID control to follow the line. With this new LightSensorArray, you're obliged to code create own line sensing algorithm.


Programming the Line follower sensor LightSensorArray

Programming the LightSensorArray using NXT-G (NXT)

The LightSensorArray is programmable programmable using NXT-G. To download the code of the NXT-G block, click on the following image:

NXT-G block of the LightSensorArray

Several examples of NXT-G codes for the LineLeader sensor are available here.

This sensor is also compatible with EV3. EV3 blocks can be downloaded on the Mindsensors website. 

Technical documentation of the LightSensorArray for Lego Mindstorms NXT

Click on the following image to download the technical documentation of the LightSensorAray.

Technical documentation of the LightSensorArray

Comparison LineLeader vs. LightSensorArray

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