GPS Module for Arduino

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Get an accurate positioning with this GPS Arduino Shield !
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The GPS Shield for Arduino

This GPS shield lets you know your exact altitude, your position in space, your speed and the UTC date and time. That's to say that this kind of Arduino Shield is essential for your robot!

Warning: A GPS antenna is required.

The following image shows the GPS Shield connected on an Arduino Uno board with a GPS antenna (both are non included):

GPS Shield connected on an Arduino board with a GPS antenna

Technical specification of the GPS Shield for Arduino

The GPS Shield for Arduino is based on the Vincotech A1080-B module that uses NMEA and SIRF III standard protocols in order to transmit position data through a serial port.

To get started, connect your GPS module to your Arduino board and to a GPS antenna as shown in the picture above, then connect all via USB to your PC. Open a terminal console and retrieve GPS information via the serial port.

The following video shows a quick tutorial that uses a GPS Shield for Arduino:

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