Raspberry Pi Starter Pack
Raspberry Pi Starter Pack

Raspberry Pi Starter Pack

Adafruit Industries | A-000000-00223
The Raspberry Pi Starter Pack is made for you as it provides all the elements and electronic components to start your Pi-based projects. The Raspberry Pi is not included in this Pack.
Pack not compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+ or Raspberry Pi 2. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
End of life product
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Size Chart

Content of the Raspberry Pi Starter Pack

NOTE: This products does NOT contain a Raspberry Pi, so make you sure you have one if you order this kit.

In order to start hacking your Raspberry Pi in the best conditions, the Raspberry Pi Starter Pack contains the following items:

  • Adafruit Pi Case: this transparent casing will protect your Raspberry Pi from shocks and contact with metal objects that may short-circuit and damage it. It is fully compatible with the GPIO extension cable.
  • a 5V 1A power adapter: this adapter is quite special, it has been custom made for powering embedded Linux devices such as the Raspberry Pi. It provides a 1A 5.25V current in order to compensate for the 0.25V drop created by the USB cable.
  • Type B Micro USB 90cm: this is useful to power your Raspberry Pi from your computer or the 5V 1A adapter.
  • A USB-to-TTL cable: the simplest way to access your Raspberry Pi in a terminal. Connect the black, green and white wires to the GPIO header, and the red wire to powesr supply, you can then connect using a standard serial terminal.
  • A 4GB SD card: this card allows you to install a full Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi while keeping some space for user data. It is fully compatible with the card reader provided in the pack
  • MicroSD USB card reader: it will allow you to install system images on the SD card from your computer. No special driver needed, and it works with every OS.
  • Adafruit Pi Cobbler kit preassembled with GPIO cable: this kit allows you to connect your Raspberry Pi to a breadboard in order to easily access its GPIO/I2C/SPI/Power ports (designed for the Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 1.0)
  • Large breadboard: combined with the Pi Cobbler Kit, this breadboard allows you to easily design circuits with any soldering.
  • A set of colored breadboard wires to easily connect your components on the provided breadboard.
  • 3m Ethernet cable: provides network connectivity to your Raspberry Pi
  • A beautiful embroidered Raspberry Pi badge
  • A set of electronic components that allows you to build the projects presented in the Adafruit tutorial series:
    • 5x 10 Kohm pull-up resistors for the push-buttons
    • 5x 560 ohm resistors for the LEDs
    • 1x red 10mm diffused LED
    • 1x green 10mm diffused LED
    • 1x blue 10mm diffused LED
    • 3x push-buttons
    • 1x photoresistor
    • 1x 1µF capacitor
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