TurtleBot2 essentials (without PC and without Kinect, unassembled)

Willow Garage | A-000000-00253
Programmable robot TurtleBot2 unmounted, without PC and Kinect sensor
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Size Chart

TurtleBot2 essentials : the TurtleBot2 robot unassembled and without Kinect and notebook

This kit TurtleBot2 essentials consists of the mobile Kobuki base and of structural elements to be mounted. This kit does not contain the Microsoft Kinect sensor and the Notebook. This TurtleBot2 essentials kit is an ideal solution for those who already have a notebook and do not wish to buy one. This TurtleBot2 kit also addresses those who prefer to use the Xtion sensor rather than Microsoft Kinect.

The TurtleBot2 robot is a mobile robot developed by Willow Garage for all those wishing to program a robot using ROS (Robot Operating System).

Mounting Guide of the TurtleBot2 robot

Click on the following image in order to donwload the TurtleBot2 mounting kit:

TurtleBot2 mounting guide

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