Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer Book

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Learn how to quickly build cool electronic gadgets with this .NET Gadgeteer starting guide
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Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer Book

Ideal for beginners, this book shows you how to work with modules and other hardware in the popular Fez Spider Starter Kit, and teaches you how to program your gadgets with Visual Studio C# Express and the .NET Micro Framework 4.1 SDK. You’ll soon learn a wide range of programming techniques along with the skills to design your own projects.


  • Get to know the software and hardware with a simple LED project
  • Download code from the companion site to build and test each project
  • Build a spy camera that automatically captures and saves images at regular intervals
  • Construct a simple animated game with the joystick module
  • Create a web server that sends messages you draw or write on the touchscreen module
  • Build a gadget that backs up digital images from an SD card to a USB flash drive
  • Learn about other .NET Gadgeteer modules for creating environmental sensors, an MP3 player, and a WiFi network



  • Size: 140mm x 215mm
  • Weight: 120g

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer
What Is .NET Gadgeteer?
The Fez Starter Kit
Powering Up
Hello World
Chapter 2 Spy Camera
The Design
The Camera Module
The Final Program
Touch Screen
Writing to SD cards
Chapter 3 Snowflakes Game
The Design
Screen Layout
Using the Joystick module
Chapter 4 Web Messenger
Web Servers
A Gadgeteer Web Server
A Gadgeteer Sketch Pad
Putting It All Together
Sharing with the World
Chapter 5 Camera Backup Gadget
The Design
The USB Host Module
The Program
Copying Files
Chapter 6 What Next?
Other Modules
Physical Design Files
Blogs and Web Resources

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