Gadgeteer Load Module

GHI Electronics | A-000000-00425

This Gadgeteer module is very useful for controllin high current charges. Supports up to 3A/50V.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

The Gadgeteer Load Module

This Gadgeteer module features power transistors for controlling high current loads such as relays, motors, solenoids or high power leds up to 3A/50V (a whooping 150W !).

Protection diodes are included as well in order to protect the power transistors against inductive loads.

Technical specifications of the Gadgeteer Load Module

The technical specifications of this Gadgeteer module are as follows:

  • Socket: Y
  • Size: 72mm x 37mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • 3.3V Consumption : 25mA
  • 5V Consumption: 0mA

The Gadgeteer load Module is provided with a Gadgeteer cable.

The Gadgeteer load Module is ROHS compliant.

The Gadgeteer load Module is ROHS compliant

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