Gadgeteer RFID reader Module

GHI Electronics | A-000000-00432
This Gadgeteer module will allow you reading standard 125Khz RFID tags.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The Gadgeteer RFID Reader Module

This Gadgeteer module features a RFID reader working with standard 125KHz RFID Tags.

2 ISO cards are also included in order to allow you to experiment with the reader right out of the box

Technical specifications of the Gadgeteer RFID Reader Module

The technical specifications of this Gadgeteer module are as follows:

  • Socket: U
  • Size: 37.5mm x 37.5mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • 3.3V Consumption : 0mA
  • 5V Consumption: <1mA

The Gadgeteer RFID reader Module is provided with a Gadgeteer cable.

The Gadgeteer RFID Reader Module is ROHS compliant.

The Gadgeteer RFID Reader is ROHS compliant

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