Gadgeteer Display TE35 Module

GHI Electronics | A-000000-00133
320x240 new generation Color Display Module with a Touch Screen
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The Gadgeteer Display TE35 Module

This open-source module is a color screen for Gadgeteer with touch screen capacities. With a size of 8.89 cm (3,5"), this Gadgeteer screen has a resolution of 320x240 which is very comfortable.

This module is a drop-in replacement for the T35 display but it will save you 25% on cost !

Technical specifications of the Gadgeteer Display TE35 Module

The technical specifications of this Gadgeteer module are as follows:

  • Socket: R,G,B for LCD and optional T for touch
  • Size: 78mm x 83mm
  • Weight: 71g
  • 3.3V Consumption : 150mA
  • 5V Consumption: 0mA

This module is provided with 4 Gadgeteer cables.

This Gadgeteer module is ROHS compliant.

This Gadgeteer module is ROHS compliant
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